No, even without being registered you can use the simulator on the homepage.

To create an account just click on “Register” and follow all the steps.

With myCarflix at your disposal you can choose how you spend the mobility allowance your employer provides you with. You can use it in full to rent a car just like the one you would have, or you can save on the car and use the rest on various mobility services – the choice is yours!

For further clarification about corporate benefits in the use of this mobility solution please contact our sales team through the email: and we will be happy to talk to you.

Now the platform is prepared so that the loading is done by your company only. Once your company has added you to myCarflix, we will send you an integration email, which will contain a link to download the myCarflix app and a step-by-step support for you to subscribe to a mobility pack that makes sense for your own needs.

Here we will ask you to be understanding, not without first being sorry for the inconvenience. We are a company launched in January 2022 and we still have a lot to learn and grow. What we can ask now is that you report the situation to and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

The myCarflix platform is available in your browser, and as an app you can download it from the App Store or Google Store. After downloading the app, you will need to open it and proceed to register. (You will receive a verification code by SMS).

Caetano GO is Grupo Salvador Caetano’s mobility aggregator brand. To learn more visit us at:

It’s simple, just click and you can explore more about our current mobility offering.

How to use?

Depending on which service we are talking about, your booking may be instantaneous (Guerin, Xtracars, BeDriven) or take a few days (Kinto One, Rodinhas). This delay is since it is necessary to perform a risk analysis in the case of Kinto One services and since it is necessary to validate the budget request in the case of Rodinhas.

Some of our services, as is the case with Guerin, operate with very dynamic rates which vary constantly. Thus, a subscription at time X and a reservation at time Y may have different values if there has been an update of prices by the brand.

It is simple. Log in to your reserved area and in the upper right corner click on “Edit profile”. In this area you can update your personal information at any time.

Now there are only two payment methods, depending on the type of user you are. If you are a corporate user, payment is automatic and charged to the company. If you are a B2C user, now, we only have the credit card option, but we intend to increase the range of options soon.

At the moment we do not have many payment methods, but we are working on it right now.

Yes, you can. However, now, you can only do this in your app (mobile version). We are working on implementing this possibility on the desktop version (website).

o change the date of a reservation, you should contact, and you will then be subject to the contract change rules of the service in question. You can check these rules on the websites of the respective service.

To cancel a subscription, you should contact and you will then be subject to the termination rules for the service in question. You can check these rules on the websites of the respective service.
However, if you wish to cancel a Guerin or Xtracars booking you can do so via our mobile App. We are working to replicate this procedure for the Rodinhas, and Kinto One services.

Yes, basically, when subscribing to a pack with 4 services, the user has the possibility to spend the value among the 4 chosen services.

It is simple, just go into your reserved area and click on the “Subscriptions” tab, where you will have access to all this information.

It’s simple, just log in to your reserved area and click on the “Reservations” tab, where you will have access to all this information.

This is a question that you should check with the entity responsible in your company for setting the limit for your employees. If you are a private user and have a plafond that does not match your payments on the platform, please contact us at

It is simple, by entering your reserved area, under the “Prices” tab, you must insert your promo code.

Planos futuros e sugestões

myCarflix is a project in which there is dedication every day, so we are working towards offering users the most complete mobility solution on the market.

We welcome all feedback you send us about our product. In that sense, via email:, you can send us your suggestions which will be analyzed and potentially added to our implementation and improvement plan.

Segurança e confiança

Yes, myCarflix is a service owned by Grupo Salvador Caetano, which aims to present a revolutionary and modernized solution for mobility, in the aggregation of services to credible brands and with responsibility in the Portuguese market.

In our policies Privacy Policy and Data Protection have everything explained there. You can check them at: Privacy Policy .